Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Democrats have a Plan? has a post called Democrats Offer Bold Security Agenda that's worth checking out...

Today, Democratic leaders across the country will join House and Senate Democrats in unveiling a comprehensive plan for providing the American people with real security. The agenda stands in stark contrast to the dangerous incompetence of the Republican leadership, which has undermined the security of the American people.

I can't believe the truck load of nothing contained in this plan. There are no active statements. Everything is made of kind and useful words with no real plan. It reads like a commercial designed to sell you what you don't need. They have carefully chosen each word to achieve the maximum feel good experience.
I don't want to just feel good! I want results. I need real action with real information that can be immediately put into play. The Democrats have had plenty of opportunities to offer up real solutions. Instead of offering anything that would be usable they instead choose to whine and complain when ever asked.
How can we become energy independent when Senator Kennedy won't allow a wind farm in his own home state? How can we become energy independent when the democratic leadership won't allow oil drilling in known oil areas such as ANWR?
How can we achieve our goals of Iraqi Independence when Senator Murtha would push for cut and run? Iraqi news has recently reported on the determination of Iraqi people to defeat Al-queda. The people have taken on there own intuitive to clear out vast areas of insurgents. The tide has turned in Iraq, yet our Democratic leadership has failed to notice.

Yep, they got a plan.


Blogger Christi said...

lol, ablur. You've just got to love the Democrats. Every single time they try, they screw it up. God bless 'em, they really don't ever want to win, do they? :)

3:05 PM, March 30, 2006  

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