Friday, March 17, 2006

What Really Caused the Slide of Our Nation.

Let's talk law.
1. initial law was based on the Ten Commandments and Common Practice and Courtesy's.
2. New laws were created based on old laws.
3. Law has advanced by building one law on top of another and so on.

This leads to higher orders of law.Laws that suddenly arrive with none of the foundation or ear markings common to other law, create major societal upheaval and tension. A clear case in point would be "Separation of Church and State". This phrase was completely foreign to US law until 1947 in the case of Everson -vs- Board of Education. Without citing a single precedent, and ignoring 175years of historically consistent rulings, the court made this claim The wall of separation between church and state must be kept high and impregnable. Everson v. Board of Education With that single decision based on nothing the wall was born.

This would be a perfect example of how man and his immorality created laws that would only further pervert and destroy. "Separation of Church and State" did not appear in the World Book Encyclopedia until 1967.

No one thought much of the Everson decision until 1962 when prayer was removed from the schools on its basis. In 1963 the Bible was removed from education on its basis. In 1965 religious speech among students was declared unconstitutional. In 1969 it became unconstitutional to erect a war memorial in the shape of a cross. In 1976 it became unconstitutional for a school to use the word 'God' in any of its official writings. In 1979 it became unconstitutional for kindergarten classes to declare whose birthday it was on Christmas. In 1980 it became unconstitutional to post the Ten commandments in schools. In 1985 it was declared that any bill, even if consensually acceptable, is unconstitutional if the author of the bill had religious activities in mind when the bill was written.

175 years of American History and law trashed by one decision in 1947. How much further are we going to allow the founding fathers works to be eroded? How many more of your rights will you let slip away? This country started as a shining beacon of Christianity and has since fallen to depravity and violence. We were once the world leader in every area of life; now we lead the world in violent crime. Our divorce rate ranks number one in the world. We lead the western world in teenage pregnancies, and we are world leader in voluntary abortions. We are the number one consumer of illegal drugs, and we lead the industrial world in illiteracy.

All this is due to turning our backs on our Christian heritage.

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Blogger jakejacobsen said...

I am with you a hundred and ten percent. My only question would be how does one reverse this slide when the enemy will cloak themselves in 'freedom' and scream about their 'rights'?

10:49 PM, March 18, 2006  
Blogger ablur said...

We need to remind people what really happened in American History. The problem is the liberals control the education system so they ultimately control the message.
We need to take control of education so real American history can be taught in the classroom. We need our children to discover the passion and position our founding fathers had. They need to know the sacrifices that went into making this nation what it is.

Our only avenue to achieve this end currently is the school voucher system. They also know this and fight it tooth and nail. We need to meet this tenacity head on.

7:24 PM, March 19, 2006  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Better late than never in your conversation. It is interesting what Everson did.

Even though it's a month old, I'm adding a link to this post into mine :)

11:45 AM, April 15, 2006  

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