Saturday, April 29, 2006

Corporations-Do You Know What Your Investment is Doing?

Corporations are the back bone of American business. There are good and bad examples just as there are good and bad in every other category. The corporations as a whole are not bad; there are a few bad apples that ruin the batch. Most corps are under fifty employees and have simply incorporated to take advantage of the various personal protections under the provision.
A corporation much like a baby is its own entity and can be given various benefits just like you as an individual can acquire. These benefits can include a credit rating and various buying power leverage. This leverage is not necessarily reliant on the cash worthiness of the owners but on the same basic merits of any regular individual. One could argue their merit is better for the reason of eternal life. A corp does not die with the owners. It can be passed on or sold in various forms. This longevity does offer some additional benefits when being considered for long-term credit obligations such as buildings or equipment.
Under the corp provisions in the US many of us can partake in public corporations. We can buy and sell shares as participants in ownership. With every share also comes the right to vote or have say in a company and its actions. Many stock owners sign proxies that give their voting rights to others and some just don’t participate in the process. Just like our political system, the few who participate make all the rules and set the courses for company business.
Our armchair politics and unwillingness to get off the sofa and make something of our vote is affecting our country in many ways. We are seeing the morality and direction of our country and business world eroding. As well as we are witnessing a complete disconnect from our political candidates. Some poles have placed only 40% of Americans at the voting booth. I would not be surprised if over half of those who show up are from special interest categories. How are we going to reclaim America if you are letting the minority special interest groups make all your decisions for you? We are doing it at the voting booth in both political and corporate arenas.
You the voter can make a lot of changes in many ways. The next time you get a proxy request send it back with “NO” checked as your option. Failure to respond to many of these automatically approves your proxy. Don’t be robbed of your vote. This is your investment and you should make sure you are satisfied with the direction it takes. Look over the options and investigate the candidates. Most Corporate sites do a fair job of mini bios. E-mail the company and ask questions. Try to achieve some satisfaction.
We can change America Politically and Corporately. You have the power, now use it.


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