Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Illegal -- What does that mean?

I keep shaking my head. I can't believe that members or our own government are debating any part on illegal aliens. This should be a no brainer, a slam dunk, yet here we are. These people have taken an oath to honor and uphold our constitution and the laws that make us a nation. How many of them can we point to as traitors to the very vow they took? Would they not then be traitors of the nation to which they are called to serve? They stand up there and try to mask the word illegal.

Let's try a different perspective. These people are marching and claiming that we are a bunch of racists. We simply have a prejudice against Mexican/Hispanic people. The problem really comes down to we don't know who is legal and who is illegal. We now look on all as suspicious. There is a 50/50 chance that the person we are looking at is illegal. We have been trained to think less of those who break the law. We incarcerate thousands for illegal entry, burglary and trespassing. If we are to accept the excuse that, these people are only trying to better their lives, should we not free others who choose to also better their lives? So are we prejudice or following the law?


Blogger Debbie said...

Very nice post, and it seems to logical to me. Apparently not to our politicians and why they don't get it I just cannot understand. We need to wipe the slate clean (amost) and vote in our own choices, as you suggest in your next post.

Thanks for the financial information you left at Right Truth. I am just so frustrated and suffering from 'blogging my head against a brick wall on immigration'. I know other bloggers feel the same way.

I am on a 'survey group' for Frist, and have blasted him on my thoughts. I have also emailed, faxed, etc. I know the politicians are aware of all our objections. I don't think the Democrats really 'want' an immigration bill, rather they want a 'topic' that they can harp on for upcoming elections.

Tired ...

Right Truth

11:14 AM, April 07, 2006  

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