Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why Isn't Socialism Dead?

That was the title of a great article that can be found HERE on TCS Daily.

I ran into this article and it has me a bit irritated. I know that people don't always think through what they do, but perhaps the real flaw is a lack of history knowledge. We currently have such open access to information that we can see the big picture. The rest of the world functions within their range of vision and experience. The real question is, Why do people except the worst form of government when they are looking for the best? The article points to laziness and a dream in people showing their best side but power seems to consume the best side.
We in the US function on a balance between capitalism and socialism. We keep adding to our laws ultimately increasing government regulation and intervention. The government slowly becomes so powerful that it takes complete control.

I was just noticing that the more laws we make the closer we get to socialism.
You see, when we make a law about something we are removing the possibility of choice or freedom. The more laws we make the more freedom is reduced. Basically, the more congress meets the less freedom we enjoy. The more power or control is then handed over to the government. The government is constantly in a state of growth while we are reduced in stature.
When was the last time you can recall the government repealing a law? This would be a form of government reduction or relinquished freedom.
Then there is the issue of morality. I am sure you have heard idiots declare you can't legislate morality. Morality is simply setting up a collection of rights and wrongs and holding them as a standard to live by. When you pass a law you are simply determining what is right and what is wrong. Hence, you are determining what is moral and what is amoral. The problem starts coming in when laws are passed that go against what you believe to be right or wrong. By enforcing these laws we are then legislating morality and forcing a set of beliefs on another.

How does all this tie into socialism? As we pass laws and change our moral direction, we start to pass all power over to the government and demand that they uphold these laws that are passed. The government ultimately takes full control of all aspects of life. You have now moved to a socialist state. Are we in America being consumed into Socialism?


Blogger Rocks and Minerals said...

Sorry-- I posted this in the wrong place the 1st time.

Have you seen this 4 minute video?

It shows that the immigration issue is bigger than many think.

It shows a number (including The Party for Socialism and Liberation) of groups we don't need to see marching in our streets.

1:28 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger GUYK said...

The democrats incorproated a lot of the old populist party ideas was back in the early 1900s. Woodrow Wilson was as much a populist as he was a democrat and FRD was more of a socialist than a democrat. The modern democratic party has swung to the socialist left several times--the last was when they lost a land slide to Nixon when they run McGovern. Bill Clinton was closer to mid stream and won a couple of elections but the public is now advocating socialism. They are just not smart enough to know it. MSM is no doubt left wing as are most of the senate. So far the conservatives in the house have kept us out of too serious of trouble but now they are talking a 9.2 trillion dollar national debt before the year is out. Keep in mind that nearly half of this debt goes to various forms of income redistribution--not social security nor government retirments but medicade and welfare programs including school breakfasts and lunches, subsidized housing, and food stamps. The working class is much better off in many cases if they just don't work...this is what socialism is all about soaking those who produce and giving it to those who refuse to produce.

1:35 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Well, having grown up in a family that were Socialist sympathizers I got quite a bit of it when I was growing up... needless to say I have some reservations on the Limits of Socialism as espoused by them and the party they followed. After that I have *major* problems with theory and practice conundrum of Socialism wherein they cannot even practice what they preach.

The entire concept is found wanting, due to lack of a firm grasp of economics past that of the early industrial age and then compounded by no real understanding of human nature, all designed to create a perfect end-state system... and so many would just *love* to end the system early to get to it, instead of letting it run its course.

Marx, himself, was pro-capitalist because he understood the necessity of it and the time for the rise of Socialism had not yet arrived.

Too bad his followers do not understand this.

8:43 AM, May 22, 2006  

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