Friday, June 30, 2006

Do We Need to Expand Our Rights?

All Oregonians have a right to effective and affordable health care:
Currently 615,000 Oregonians are uninsured. That is morally, politically, and economically wrong.
Oregonians believe health care is a fundamental right.
Let’s make it so by passing this amendment.

The quote above is from a group called Hope for Oregon Families, they think that our rights, at least in Oregon, need to be expanded. The goal seems to be to boost confidence in a measure that is fatally flawed. The measure fails to define what health care is: Natural, acupuncture, chiropractic, Medical, etc.......... The measure fails to take any accountability for the cost of creating such a government structure to ensure this "right". Apparently it costs nothing to cover all those who currently don't have coverage or the measure would address this as well. The measure offers no exceptions for religions that practice a non-medical view.
The measure claims to put the full weight of this on to the Oregon Legislature who has failed to act in many years. If the legislature is truly representing its constituents perhaps they don't want this. Yet, by declaring this new right the legislature is forced to find a way to secure and provide for this right. This ultimately will mean more bureaucracy and bigger government.
The measure assures us that it adds no cost to government.
Nothing in this initiative will raise your taxes.
I can’t recall any increase in government not costing us something. I pointed out above the cost to cover those who are uninsured. Where will this money come from?
Lack of Health Care Costs All of Us: Since the uninsured can’t access affordable, effective health care, when they get sick they are forced to rely on emergency care and, ultimately expensive hospitalization. Those of us with health insurance and our employers who provide health insurance pay the cost for the uninsured through higher premiums – often as much as 15% of the premium.
Let me suggest that covering everyone who currently doesn’t have coverage will probably cost more then 15%. Let’s further press toward mandatory coverage and watch the prices climb in a forced market.
If we have forced coverage and forced expenditure will we have forced care? What about those who have preferences against medical care? Will they still have their freedom of religion?
The current government dependent society that we seem to be moving more and more in the direction of, would probably expand and draw in the needy. This will drive all hard working independent minded individuals from the state. Oregon will be left unfunded and with many who have needs that they will be obligated to meet.


Blogger benning said...

They will expand so-called Rights by curtailing the Rights of others. This is what Libs do. If Oregon does this, may they enjoy their ruin!

5:56 PM, July 15, 2006  

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