Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Power of the Press

Are we willing to let the press destroy our nation? I believe in freedom of speech. I also believe that ones freedom ends where another's begin. Are we in the midst of a time when political persuasion out trumps personal freedom and security?
I don't know about you but I have been getting pretty riled over these security leaks. No one seems to pursue the source of the leak. We get so hung up in should we or shouldn't we report such a thing that we fail to deal with the real heart of the problem. Who is leaking this stuff?
Hey, I'm all for the NYT and the LAT getting barbecued over these treasonous acts but let's not forget that someone is feeding them this stuff.
I would love to see people get behind Peter King. It is about time that we secure our nation both internally and externally. We need to clearly delineate those who are doing treasonous acts. We need to stop being nice and start taking control of our security. It is people like those at the time(s) that our putting each of us in future danger. These same people continue to help the enemy in every way. We have in-termed people during times of war for the sake of securing our nation. It is time to do it again. The press should not have the power to destroy our nation.

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