Friday, July 14, 2006

What is really behind Reperations?

Reparations keep jumping back into the political forefront. Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) has managed to put this before congress year after year. Once again here it is and still the many questions go unanswered. He will tell you he only wants to put together a commission to study the whole question, but what is the “whole” question.
What has Conyers said about the issue?

"Just a question," says Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), cool, dispassionate, like he's teaching high school science. "We ask questions about everything. What's in space? What's underneath the water? How did the Earth begin? Interesting questions. But this one has been studiously avoided."

"All we're trying to do is compile a body of intelligence and data on the subject," says Conyers. "The most organized body of material on the subject in American history."

"I always like to talk to members about it," he says of his bill, "but I'm not pushing it because our day will come."

"I see this as a subject in incubation that is probably going to continue to grow until we finally have to approach it and deal with it like all the other controversial issues we deal with."

I too have developed a list of questions. Perhaps Rep. Conyers would like to add some of these and their answers to his body of knowledge.
  • Since the slave trade historically was started by the Portuguese in the 1400’s, what portion of fault should be assigned to them?
  • Since the Dutch actually provided the first black slaves to the New World, what portion of fault should be assigned to them?
  • What about the vast Arab involvement? They hunted, captured and traded in human slaves all over the globe. Some would say they were the kings of the slave trade. Their assigned fault?
  • How are we going to determine who actually are the descendants of those who were enslaved? Nobody kept DNA or other substantial records that would allow for multi-generational tracings.
  • Since this injustice was perpetrated over six generations ago, under what legal president can this case move forward? Since nobody currently alive falls under direct effect of slavery, what legal grounds do those in favor have?
  • Many blacks settled in the north and experienced none of the results of slavery, both benefits and consequences, how should their lineage be removed from the pool?
  • If ones family supported the underground and took risk to free slaves, how should their responsibility be positioned?
  • If ones family fought for the North or for the South should punishment through reparations be absolved or enhanced?
  • What about the many black fighting units from the south who fought for south of their own choosing, should their descendants be treated as other blacks?
  • What about the Cherokee, who also enslaved many blacks, will they be contributing to this?
  • We also must consider the many who immigrated to this country after the Civil War and took no side nor had no interest in the stakes of slavery, how will we hold them harmless?
  • How will we adjust the scales for all the race advantaged programs that have already been set aside for blacks over the many years?
  • What about those who are black, who have tasted success and vast wealth, should they have a component in the issue? Have they not demonstrated that this so called injustice can be rose above given determination and application?
  • What about the many millionaires through entertainment and sports that found ways to rise above? (Oprah, Cosby, Shaq, Kolby, Murphy, Jordan, McNair,…..) Do they owe their brotheran anything?
  • What about the many blacks whose success rides on keeping the black people down? (J.Jackson, A.Sharpton, Gangsta Rap Artists……)
  • Mr. Conyers, the scope of the question is far bigger then our ability to obtain answers. Standing their in congress with your tin cup waiting for a hand out just isn’t going to work. I’m sure you could locate quite a number of rich black people who could help you put together your little study group. In fact, I bet that even they see the futility of the issue and have denied funding your cause. So let’s stop dredging the past and get on with the business of securing and restoring the greatness of the United States of America.


    Blogger benning said...

    So I don't forget, while continuing my read! note that the Portugese may have begun the Slave Trade of Africans by Europeans, but the Slave Trade in Africa was going on long before then. Arabs and Muslims continue it to this day.

    5:28 PM, July 15, 2006  
    Blogger benning said...

    Okay, good points. Not one of them matters whatsoever to the likes of Conyers, Sharpton, Jackson, et al.

    We simply must fight this until the proponents give up. Like the E.R.A., given enough opposition, they will be defeated despite the howls of racism that will rain down!

    5:39 PM, July 15, 2006  
    Blogger A Jacksonian said...

    I got asked about this subject a bit ago and dediced that as the original folks being freed were missing out on '40 acres and a mule' that we could, indeed, give reparations... but, that to get them one had to give up everything that they had accumulated, take a new name and identity, and would get exactly 40 acres and one mule plus maybe some MREs to help out for a bit. Even through in a plough and shovel and an axe! One must work on that land and only take profits from that land and *prove* that you are worthy of the FREE land given to you and your FREEDOM.

    There are *lots* of places in the Dakota's, Montana, Idaho, Alaska... lots of open land for farming... but to get it one must shed EVERYTHING that has been worked for and given to you by previous generations. When asking for reparations you do not get free goodies NOW... you must START where that trail begins, in those humble circumstances of men and women working at freedom to show that they do enjoy that freedom.

    I will sign onto *that* in a heartbeat.

    And if taken up then you and all of your descendents will KNOW that their Government has lived up to the promise given their ancestors and given them a chance at a new start... a new life... sans everything. And also give up the right to GRIPE about conditions.

    Yes, I would sign up to have that program instituted in a heartbeat, just to hear the END of the griping.

    5:18 PM, July 21, 2006  

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