Friday, August 11, 2006

Innocent Civilians

These two words seem to come up everyday. We have all grown pretty used to them with the Gitmo prison and all. Israel defines them as dead people around unlaunched rockets holding AK47s. Israel is also familiar with innocent women and children carrying bombs and blowing up busses and businesses as suicide bombers.

So when I hear in the news that Israel lost another couple of soldiers in the battle for their existence, I morn for their families. That same news cast usually follows with a dozen or so innocent civilians died in Lebanon. I now find myself happy with that news. Am I losing my mind, or have I just come to realize that identifying the enemy usually means killing those who are dressed as civilians. In today’s wars our enemies no longer need to worry about fancy uniforms and following rules of engagement. We on the other hand need to get a signed affidavit swearing they are an enemy before we kill anyone.

We constantly hear protestors who tell us that we attack civilians on purpose. Israel just recently went through this. Yet, reality proves to us each day that that is the target of the enemy. Why no protests against them? The fact that we take such pain and effort to spare life is the very thing used against us. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we need to revert to barbaric means in order to fight at the same level as our enemy. What we really need is to stop treating war like a school sport and realize that dying is part of what happens when bullets and explosives come together in an area. The goal of any war is to Kill the Enemy. Anything short of that is foolish at best.

Let’s stop the games and start winning a war.

Article of Interest: Hard Thoughts about the War

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