Saturday, October 07, 2006

Foley - Yeah What ever

I am getting sick and tired of hearing about the Foley Scandal. Some how the people who can't punch a ballot correctly or have problems lining up cards managed to vote a pedophile into office. How could anyone be surprised that this comes out of Florida. The guy is a disgrace no matter what party or who he is even remotely affiliated with. Let us not even go into all the excuses. We lost responsibility as a basic American value years ago. It will probably be touted as some genetic issue soon or perhaps a virus.

Every time one of these guys go down there seems to be this anchor that drags everyone into the abyss. This is Foley's fault, no one else's. We keep hearing that this or that person knew but where is the proof. These emails have been floating around for a long time. Every news service has been shopped to print this story but no one could find the smoking gun. Finally, the pieces come together and suddenly everyone is an expert. Even Speaker Hastert suddenly became a target.

If the story has been floating around at every news agency, and I am sure many were salivating over a chance to bash a Republican, someone would have ratted this out before now if they had any proof. No one wants to be caught in a back fire scenario given the CBS/Rather situation not so long ago. So let's stop trying to pass blame and point the full weight of this horrible ordeal squarely on the shoulders of who it belongs, Foley.

Enough all ready, let's move on people. Nothing more to see here.

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