Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mexico Sounds Off About the Border

Mexico is lobbying hard to have the border fence disappear. They figure to persuade Bush to not sign the law. I personally doubt it will ever get funded. They voted in 700 miles of fence but failed to appropriate a single dollar to build it. Now Bush can sign it and not worry about its construction. Yet perhaps he needs to worry about his southern friends. Both Fox and Calderon see this as highly divisional.

The quote from Calderon got me, saying one "could stop more migrants with a kilometer of new roads and development (in Mexico) than with a wall." Mr. C why don't you build it? Why does everyone look to us to supply their need? They have had years to build and encourage growth on their side of the line. They have done nothing and now that we may actually act, it becomes a big deal. Well at least a big deal if they can spend someone else's money.

Calderon said Monday that the barrier would not deter migrants from walking across the desert or swimming over the Rio Grande in search of a better life. Mr. C you will be president shortly, what are your plans to give a better life to your citizens? Once again, we see no solution just complaints. I guess he hasn't figured out that it is his country and he is responsible for what happens inside the Mexican border. We in the US are only beginning to figure this out. We still have that open range mentality. We need to embrace the fact that good fences make for good neighbors.

If we need more labor here in the US then lets up the Visa program. Let's gain control of our border and control of those who come and go. We keep hearing how much we need this work force, then let's hear proposals that call for legal means. Until then, let's get it closed so we can fairly tally what the need is. We also need to firm up employment practices so willing legal workers can get the jobs that need filling.

Those of you in the Mexican State Department, why don't you demo the type of laws you would prefer we have in the US. I am sure that if you could demonstrate how this works positively on your southern border perhaps we could be enticed to implement it here.

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