Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Election

I am very disappointed in so many things having to do with the election. The first thing I am most disappointed about is the turn out. We as American have the right and the obligation to vote. Even if you vote for the lesser evil at least you are acting on your American obligations. The predictors of turnout said we would see numbers around 60%. We instead are finding 40% to be the norm. Voter apathy seemed to rule the day.

We seem to have forgotten what made America great. We have lost sight of our basic tenets that so many fought so hard to give us. I posted before the cost to those who signed the Declaration of Independence. Serving our government once was an honor bringing the best and the brightest. Now we suffer from the worst and the ignorant. When did this change occur? We once were served by those who had made their own fortune or those who were looked upon for wisdom. We now have career politicians who live off the dole and raise their own pay at every opportunity. Did the voters take this into account at the polls?

I will say straight up -- Putting the Democrats in power at this time is a mistake. I don't think the Republicans were doing all we needed done either. The reality of the situation is that no one is really at charge. It takes a 60% hold to really be in charge. We now have a change of direction but no change in ability to get things done. As long as none of them have this magical 60% it forces them to work together to get things done or work separate and do nothing. We will either see great strides toward centrist laws or absolutely nothing accomplished for two years. If bipartisan bickering break out and endless investigations start the people may rise up. Americans voted for change not drastic change. Americans drove out incumbents in many offices. Some could argue that this was an action of change not party. The problem is the party system we have, limits our choices. We get the choice of the party not the choice of the people.

We need to bring in the policy of "Brewster's Millions". This was a movie that brought a much needed concept to politics. We need a line item on every ballot right next to a write in candidate that reads "None OF The Above". This would allow us to toss the running candidates and get some new blood. Let's start talking about adding this to all ballots. This single act may actually save America.

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Anonymous Christi said...

Well said, ablur.

2:33 PM, November 09, 2006  

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