Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here We Go Again

I was a front runner in complaining about how this war was handled. Let me make it clear that I have no problem with the war in Iraq. This needed doing in 1992 when Saddam started breaking all the UN resolutions. We have the mess we have for two reasons. The first is for waiting so long and letting thousands more die at the hands of Saddam. The second is due to a poor war plan at best.
I have posted various issues but let me sum up some of the key screw ups. Never give the enemy back their guns. Never leave a major weapons cache unprotected. Never leave your supply lines unprotected. Never allow militias to develop in your theatre of operation.
We set ourselves up for desastor from day one and we have enjoyed the full carnige of our mistakes. Pardon me for being a little less then impressed with the new path for Iraq.

If real progress is to be made we need to take steps to actually secure Iraq from those who seek to do harm. We could start by doing the one thing we fail at at home, secure the border. It has been demonstrated that Iran is supplying both expertise and weapons to the insurgent groups in Iraq. We have the technology and assets to patrol and secure Iraq. We have Un-manned and Manned assets, satillites and troops who can stop this. Why do we continue to allow this to go on.
Make Bagdad a Gun free zone for a set period of time. If you are seen with a gun you are shot on sight. The very presence of a gun is treated as a threat and dealt with. We need to stop waiting to be shot at before responding. Having are best take a hit before dishing out the punishment is unacceptable. These are our trained soldiers, they know a threat. Allow them to deal with it as the situation would allow. Untie their hands and let them do the job we sent them to do.
We need more MacAuthor and less PC nonsense. I don't know if sending more troops will help unless they are free to do the job. By freedom I would also suggest removing our troops from the burden of persection for doing this job. If the president wants to lend full support to our troops than stop the nonsense and let them deal with the problem.

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