Saturday, January 20, 2007

The New Congress and Iraq

All week long the various news sources have been talking about who is for the troop build up and who is against. We have heard inflamed redderick on both sides. We have also seen quotes by generals placing a short time line on the increase. The question in my mind is how much is politicing and how much is actually focusing on getting it done? I want the thing over with and done. I have already pointed out many mistakes made to this point. Who has pointed out the successes?
There has been many success stories in Iraq but they don't make it in the news. Dilivering to America a non stop broadcast of doom and gloom has both emboldened the enemy and weakened our resolve. Everyday the headlines are filled with the numbers who died in Iraq. We are constantly told of another bombing or shooting. Has anyone actually pointed out that 95% of this violence takes place in a small area of Iraq? We have failed to notice that 99% of Iraq is actually doing quite well. Yes there is an occasional incident but the same could be said for anywhere on the globe. It is far more dangerous to live in Washington DC then most of Iraq.

The scary question is, who do the nay sayers want to win in Iraq? The US has taken every possible precaution to protect the people of Iraq. From the initial bombing, with percision acuracy to the day to day patrols, the people of Iraq have been held to the highest regard. The enemy has made sure the exact oposite is true from their ranks. They have saught to kill the maximum number of civilians at every turn. The more women and children the better the target of those we seek. While we have taken steps to improve the lives of Iraqi the enemy chooses every possible way to make their lives miserable. Shear observation would make one want to stop these people not allow them greater freedom to do the harm.
Yet, our own representatives fail to notice. They speak as if we are the core problem. As if our exit would solve the problem and make the iraqi people more safe. Others speak out boldly telling us that we are the only reason the terrorists are there. The terrorists are there because they seek to kill and destroy.
Do those who speak against us here in America realize that they would be prime targets if the terrorists could get here? The liberal mindset is the very target that these radical groups seek. Everything the liberal stands for the terrorists stand against. These two groups who should be great enemys instead are working together. Has insanity took hold of those in power? Both sides of the isle have lost sight of who the enemy is and what this ultimately means to America.
Please drop your elected leader a note and remind them who the enemy is and why. We stand on the edge of a great fall and unless we reunite America and face the enemy as one we may fall.

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