Friday, March 16, 2007

How the terrorists may save America

It seems everyday our many media outlets do more to promote the enemy than my beloved America. You almost can’t open a newspaper without seeing articles that give aid and comfort to the enemy. Some may claim that we in America are split down the middle, liberal and conservative. The liberals seem to doubt that we are even at war. Clinton kept the whole thing as more of a police action and many on the left still feel it should be at that level.

The enemy has declared war on us. They have taken oaths and have swore on everything that they deem holy, to convert us or die trying. They find no greater honor then to die for their cause. Death is success and much is to be gained in heaven for their full effort. No room is left for negotiation and compromise. The only chance we have to win over our enemy is to grant them the death they seek. Our liberal left fail to accept the absoluteness of this battle and find the need to kill the enemy unacceptable. The enemy has given us three options to chose; our death, our conversion or their death. I personally prefer the later.

Many believe another horrific attack is coming. They have promised to attack us and I have no reason to doubt their sincerity. Our own government has seen to the means by allowing our borders to remain open. Some may argue the method with choices both nuclear and biologic but knowing our enemy there will be more than one target and they will be well coordinated. The one thing I am sure of is it will occur in major cities. Their stated goal is death of at least ten million Americans. The city offers them the population density that suits their goals.

How can such horrible acts result in the saving of America? The liberals, who fail to understand that we are at war, populate the cities. Their very existence depends on their ability to recognize the enemy and act, which they refuse to do. If the terrorists succeed the conservatives would rise to power. The balance would swing boldly to the right. The loss of millions of fellow Americans would be horrible but their sacrifice would change the direction of America. As Pearl Harbor galvanized America against Japan, so would this terrorist attack. All of America would throw its full self into defeating the enemy. The sleeping giant would fully awaken and the terrorist would find nowhere to hide.



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