Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hey, Bill Both You and the President Are Wrong

This immigration (should read illegal alien) bill is driving me nuts. I really got hot earlier when O’Reilly’s Talking Points gave this bill the nod and then attacked people like me who oppose it by saying we don’t have a plan.
Bill when your minions do their blog search and find this article, I hope they bring it straight to you.

We in opposition to this travesty have a plan. In fact our plan has been in development and underfunded for years. Our plan worked great when Ellis Island was the door of entry. Our plan kept America safe and strong. Our plan encouraged assimilation into the American culture. Our plan was a win-win for both American and Immigrant. Families and businesses sponsored entry into our great nation and America flourished.

The sad part is that our plan that is still on the books. It is underfunded and ignored. Municipalities have created their own don’t ask don’t tell policies in dealing with those they come in contact with. In recent years banks and financial institutions have embraced these intruders.

If we are to expect our laws to have any value, they need to be enforced. Our immigration laws have been ignored for years. If they want a new immigration law then they need to demonstrate that they can enforce what they currently have. If the current laws are proven to not work then we show a need for something new. Currently, we want to ignore many years of debate and good policies put forth by our representatives in exchange for what amounts to a knee jerk reaction.

Yes, we have a problem. The problem is out of hand because we haven’t followed the existing law. This problem can be resolved with only one action from our government. Fund and enforce the laws on the books. Employers, who hire illegals, need to be fined or closed. Border Patrol officers need to be armed and encouraged to use force to protect us. Our border should be clearly marked and well patrolled. Current laws for immigration should be dusted off and fully used.

Oh, and if we truly do need more workers we can adjust our visa work program to accommodate the need. Our nation won’t collapse by removing the crowd from our work force. We may find we don’t need as many workers when we remove this vast illegal alien horde from our supply chain.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work with many of these illegal scum, and that is what they are. They deficate on toilet seats because they don't have the intelligence to know how to use a toilet. They do the poorest work I've ever seen, and they can't be communicated with, because they refuse to learn "OUR" language.

We need to get them the hell out of this country, and keep others like them from entering. We don't need another welfare group sucking off of the teet of the nation, and that's what they will become once they gain legal status.

8:06 PM, June 15, 2007  

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