Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fighting Illegal Immigration

I have spent a lot of my time and energy fighting illegal immigration. I have suffered some abuse from my stand on this issue. In many cases, I have even converted a few zealots from the dark side.

Many of you have also stood on the right side of this issue. We know our country is at stake in the battle. Let us not be confused, this is a battle and there are people dying. There are many who are wounded who could use our help.

I would like to point you to a young business that has stood its ground on the battle front of immigration and could lose it all in the fight.
The Blue Star Deli in Farmers Branch, Texas is taking some serious hits in this battle. They offer good food at reasonable prices with a heart set on keeping our America alive. If any of you stopping by here could possible visit Dave at the Blue Star Deli and lend him your support. Sit down and have a meal in a Deli that has America first.

If you don't live any where nearby take a look at the menu, wishing you were, and calculate up an order and send him a check. Let him know that you and the bloggers for America want to help. Tell him to keep up the fight.
Hey Dave, it looks like I owe you $7.97 for lunch. I sure could go for that Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger, Tots and a Tall Iced Tea. Only wish I could be there to eat it. I'm putting the check in the mail, thanks for fighting for us.
Hat tip to TexasFred.
Blue Star Deli On the Web.
Support America and those who are Truly American.

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