Friday, July 06, 2007

Get Behind This

If the Federal government, who is charged by the constitution with the duty to protect and secure the people of the USA, can't do it then community by community the people of this great nation will do it. The government, paralyzed by political fears, will have the power ripped from them by the people who really are in charge.

Nothing hurts a politician more then reducing there power. With the goals of securing this nation as top priority let us use our power to put laws and people in motion. Look at the power of the community embodied by this aritcle.

Already a number of towns have followed Hazelton, PA's lead, including Farmers Branch, Texas; Valley Park, Mo.; and Riverside, N.J., which passed a measure fining landlords $1,000 per day for renting to illegals and removing business licenses from employers who hire illegals.
Opponents have filed lawsuits insisting the new laws usurp federal authority. The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which challenged Hazelton in court, said four communities had passed similar measures and another 17 were considering them.
On the state level, legislatures have considered more than 550 pieces of immigration-related legislation. In Georgia, a massive
immigration reform package passed one year ago sanctioned employers who hire illegals and anyone who offers them access to public services. Colorado's legislature later passed similar measures.

This is the Real power of the people in action. Don't lose momentum now! Keep up the mailing and calling until action has been taken. It may take time, but this is our country and we need to remember who is really in charge.

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