Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's The Small Stuff

One evening a father comes home to find his young teenage children anxious to discuss some family policy.

Son: "Dad we need to discuss our movie policy."

Daughter: "Yeah, there is a movie that all of our friends have seen that we want to see too."

Dad: "What is the issue that you need to meet me at the door?"

Son: "The movie is 'R' rated but everyone has seen it. It is the main topic of discussion among all my friends at school."

Daughter: "Even our pastors kids have seen it! It only has a few bad words."

Dad: "You both know the rule, NO 'R' movies!"

Son: "I really think we need to make an exception in this case."

Daughter: "This is really cutting into my social circles. I am, like an outcast."

Dad: "Alright, I hear your pain. I am willing to discuss this tomorrow after school. We will meet in the kitchen and you two can present your case. I don't want to hear any more about it until tomorrow."

The children run off in a whirl of excitement. They feel they finally will be able to get a fair shake. They have high hopes since Dad is actually willing to discuss it.

The moment arrives and the children rush in from school. They quickly gather in the kitchen. When they arrive they find Dad sitting at the table with three glasses of milk and a large plate of fresh brownies. The house is filled with the smell of freshly baked goods.

As they gathered around the table, Dad started the conversation.

Dad: "Before we get started or you eat them let me tell you about these brownies. These are perfect brownies! I measured the ingredients to perfection. Every ingredient was carefully chosen and prepared. I followed the instructions to the letter. I took great pains to carefully mix and remove all lumps. The batter was as smooth as satin and smelled fantastic. These are perfect in every way, but one. It's really a small matter but for the sake of honesty and rating these brownies, I should tell you about this little insignificant part of the brownies. You probably won't notice after all it is a really small thing. You see in these brownies in a really small, very finely chopped I might add, piece of, dog poop. You probably would have never noticed being so small and chopped up so fine but I am going to have to give these brownies an 'R' rating. So, who would like to try these perfect brownies?"

Sometimes life is thrown into complete chaos because of one small seemingly insignificant detail. The details matter. I hit many topics here but it is the details that make or break them. Many of us overlook the details everyday. You may have a great car but it is the tires that ultimately make the car stop and go. The details matter in each of our lives. Don't loose sight of what is really important.

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Blogger Damien said...

Good one. We just saw the new Sandler flick, without my son (9). When he heard what we saw, he pouted because the damn commercials cater to his age!!!

It was sort of funny. Not his best. As far as the subject matter? Thank god for ratings. That brownie was full of crap, but we ate it anyway.

5:21 PM, August 04, 2007  

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