Monday, September 10, 2007

I had Forgotten. Didn't You?

Muslim Fundamentalists have been fighting and terrorizing the United States since our beginnings. Our founding fathers attempted to appease them to no avail. Thomas Jefferson finally ended years of ransoms and tributes by sending warships full of Marines to the Barbary Coast to end it once and for all. They succeeded leaving behind what we know as "the Treaty of Tripoli". This success gave us free passage into the Mediterranean Sea but it in no way ended our war with Muslim Fundamentalists.

Read the History yourself. We have been at war on their choosing for hundreds of years. There memories are long and their time table longer. We need to set our jaw squarely and resolve ourself to a relentless pursuit of those who seek every available means to do us harm.

History of battle with Tripoli
The Thomas Jefferson Papers
The Barbary Treaties

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