Monday, September 10, 2007

What do we do NOW?

The problem is that most people don't realize we have been fighting the same people for over 200yrs. You being a Marine, think Tripoli. (I blogged on this below.) These same people have made promises and broke promises for years based on their time and convenience. They carefully made sure it wasn't ours.
Our might will buy us some time and respect but it will only last a short while. They have a tradition of storytelling where we are the bad guys over and over and over..... It isn't easy reprogramming centuries of this propaganda.
This is a religion steeped in revenge and honor. Because we dishonored or killed someone’s great, great, great.........grandfather we and all those who descended from him have a price on our head. Appeasement and Bribery won't cut it. We need a new story that can be passed down the generations on how we are the Savior or we need to stop the passing down of generations.
In Iraq, we could do the right thing and fully save this nation despite them, and write our Savior story. The hero isn't an easy part. It will take much more.
We could attempt to flash westernize them and their children, breaking tradition and possibly bringing them out of the seventh century. We would risk untold wrath from the elders.
Finally, we could hunt down and kill everyone who is steeped in the traditions of Islam and wants us killed. We would need a military far greater than its current status. We will need resolve to see it through because the smallest remnant would only mean a repeat in the future. Time is not an issue to these people. They see no problem with waiting a hundred years to exact their revenge.
In this day and age of WMD's we can no longer afford the luxury of waiting. We must choose a course and be resolved to see it through. We are on the brink of destruction and it is the calling of our generation to save America.


After Thought --
Ron Paul (Rino) and his Democratic allies have failed at history. They are so focused on their pin hole view of the world that they fail to see clearly.
This is where we step in and remind/educate people about the truth and depth of the real problem. We cannot afford to take an HMO view and treat the symptoms without cutting out the root problem. I do not want this thing coming back over and over for another hundred or so years.

Ron Paul and the like need to also be reminded we are a Super Power. Other nations look to us for direction and support and we in turn have grown accustom to vast bounty on our table from around the world. Hs perspective will only collapse the world and ultimately be our undoing as well. Once again remind/educate those who need their eyes opened.

What we really need is a real media outlet that focuses on America first and reminds us of our history and what we have already won. Knowing where we have been and what it has taken to get here would do our nation good.

I am afraid the real answer is more than most can handle when viewing their world through there liberal educated pinhole glasses. Our only choice is convert them or kill them. This is the only choice they will accept by their battle lines. We don't have the grace of choosing a different line in the sand.

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Blogger evilfurby said...

This is a religion that is just very far behind when it comes to progression. Western religions were once the same long ago. These people need our support in putting down these governments who cloak themselves in phony baloney religion. The more secularist a nation can become, the more rational and peaceful a nation can become.

10:06 PM, September 10, 2007  
Anonymous spaceman123 said...

I agree with most of what you have said.
It is time that we wake up to the facts and that we demand that our newsmedia start fair and just reporting.
Our congress "persons" are just about total zeros! I do not think they are working in our best interests on even one small issue,much less the really big ones!
I have always been one to leave others alone as long as they did not try to invade my space. This backward religion is trying to do just that - invade my space and I don't like it.
Why can't we call a spade a spade and openingly recognize them for what they are?

7:44 PM, September 12, 2007  

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