Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were You?

I expected so much more of September 11, 2001. My identical twin girls had just been born a few days ago. We were finally all home safe and sound. I turned on the radio to what I dismissed as a modern day Orson Wells “War of the Worlds”, only to realize the truth of the horror. I heard the failing voices describe the appearance and impact of the second plane. I just pulled up to the local drug store to pick up my wife’s prescriptions. The phone in my pocket rang; my wife in a medical fog needed me home now. I got what I needed as quick as I could and came home to my family. The world I had such high hopes for was suddenly a cold and hostile place and I needed to protect my family.

Each of us has vivid memories of that day. We can clearly see the image of the planes crashing into the buildings. The fire was spewing out from the building and the debris flying everywhere. I can remember street shots where letterhead fell like large snowflakes among those who looked on in shocked disbelief. Dust and smoke billowed down the streets and enveloped all. Then we saw the buildings disappear into the cloud, one by one.

Each of us took a vow that day to do whatever it took to get those who did this to us. Each of us prayed that something like this would never happen again. We then prayed for all those who must be lost in this tragedy.
America was united for a few weeks. It was an awe inspiring time. Everyone knew what needed doing.
Here we are six years later fighting amongst ourselves. Gone is the unity and determination. Let us reclaim our unity and resolve to vanquish all those who seek to do us harm. Let us not forget those who were lost that day in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. May their memory burn in us and keep the fire of vigilance burning in our nation.

We Remember 9/11 and Kleber Rolando Molina

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