Friday, October 26, 2007

Change Of Perspective

I keep hearing people talk about how the Iraqi people aren't stepping up. The problem really is deeply seeded in past experience and expectation. Let me try and put some perspective on it.

For decades, if not centuries, the people of Iraq have been under the boot of dictators and military tyrants. Never has there been a time when they had a freedom of choice, unless you call death an acceptable choice. Saddam made it perfectly clear that you do what he says or be killed. This was clearly demonstrated in daily events.

Small pockets of resistance managed to develop in Iraq waiting for opportunity to take the country. Along comes the US in the early 90's and out they come. The taking back of Kuwait and the assistance of the US, they take action relying on the US to fully help them take there nation. The US goes halfway but doesn't fully fulfill the needs of the resistance movement. Saddam now fully aware of those who oppose him, have them eliminated in the most visible and horrible ways possible. The boot once again is fully pressed against the throat of the people.

Saddam and his sons rape murder and pillage for another dozen years before the US returns. This time we are serious about regime change. Should the people of Iraq believe us? Saddam avoids capture and unrest and foreign terrorists move into the vacuum of leadership. Religious factions, militias and terrorist organizations all vie for supremacy. The people want to be saved but they don't know who to give loyalty. They don't want to risk their lives on the wrong dominate group.

We are the dominate group in the area but we already have a trust issue. We ran out on them before and our congress keeps threatening to run out on them again. After four years of congressional waffling we are finally seeing some of the Iraqi citizens choosing our side. We have finally been there long enough doing what we said we would do that trust is starting to return.

I don't think it was the surge that made the difference it was the commitment of more troops instead of pulling them out that allowed the Iraqi to finally believe we are going to see it through. They finally had a reason to believe we were going to stay and win. I know the US congress tried hard to convince them otherwise. Seemed everyday they were attempting to pass some non-binding resolution about troop removal.

Now we hear from Bin Laden that his terrorist organization is loosing in Iraq. I know that only a couple of media outlets actually reported on this but it is true. Our liberal minded citizens are still chomping at the bit for us to give up and go home but the Iraqi people are now finally reaching out and taking hold of the gifts of freedom we offer.

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