Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cutting Your Path

There was this exploratory company ran by two guys. The first guy did the preliminary work as he was the older more experienced explorer. The second guy, the younger one, would follow once the initial ground was covered. This particular hunt was to take place deep in the jungle of the Amazon.
The first guy flew out gathered up a team from the local villages and took them to a certain spot in the river and started in. It was a very dense jungle and the use of machetes was heavily necessary. After over a month of hard effort the team had hiked and chopped their way in what was now a week’s walk back for supplies.
After all that work, success was finally realized and the second guy was called in. The first guy pulls out the satellite phone and gives him his GPS coordinates and explains what he needs to know to find him. The second guy after getting off the phone pulls out the maps of the area and plots the location of the coordinates. He was already aware that it would take a week to hike in bringing the extra supplies and fresh crew to continue their hunt. Not wanting to waste any time, he notices on the map that he could start from a different place in the river and the distance would be less than half.
When he arrives he gathers up his gear and a second crew to help in their quest. Instead of going to the trail cut and well worn by his predecessor, he takes them to the new location he had found and they begin the hard task of cutting their way into the heavy jungle. The men of the village attempt to persuade him to use the other path for they knew of the first expedition. Yet, his mind had been made and he was paying them for their work so they continued on the course directed by this man.
Almost three weeks later they arrive at the coordinates beaten and tired short on supplies and out of time and money to continue their adventure. Beaten by pride and foolishness the two men are forced to come home.

Are you like the foolish young man? When given sound advice by someone who has already blazed the trail do you still seek your own way? Why do you seek to re-invent the wheel when a clear path is laid before you? Seek out the wisdom of those who are more experienced and give heed to their advice. The path is easier then you think and you may not survive cutting a new path.

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