Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are You A Good Buy?

If I was to sum up the two skills that everyone needs for success my choices would be Selling and Encouraging. I don’t care what you do or where you do it; if you don’t have these skills you’re not going to be the best. You might have a great idea that ultimately makes you money, but without the ability to sell and encourage the chances of success are slim.
If you’re just starting out in a new career someone has to come along and sell you on a job and then encourage you to try, even through mistakes. They wave off the mistakes, tell you how to avoid it again and then encourage you to try again. That manager, teacher, or leader will garner your respect and will you into success by drawing out your maximum effort. They will sell you on the fact that you can do it and give you the freedom to make mistakes and grow. Their salesmanship and encouragement will make all the difference.
You as a new employee will be selling yourself from the interview through the job. You will present yourself in such a way that any employer will want to give you a try. You will use words of encouragement that will make an impression that you can do the job and your willingness to give it a full effort. The successful candidate will demonstrate the action and enthusiasm that sells and encourages the employer that they made a good choice.
Selling and Encouraging are the skills that will carry you the farthest. Your ability to understand how these skills influence those around you will ultimately decide your future. Try to remember that everyday those around you have to decide to buy what you’re selling. From co-workers to bosses, from managers to the ultimate customer, everyone is being sold you as a product. The ultimate question is, after looking at your daily output, would you buy what you’re selling?

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