Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Change What?

Everyone seems to be running around yelling "Change". For the vast political spectrum this has an equally vast array of meaning. Generally, we place it on a continuum of Left and Right, but the real effect on the nation seems to be lost in the commonness of the words. Only recently have I heard people actually ask what change. Of course no one is asking the candidates. Every interview I have seen or heard avoids all the substance and focuses on fluff. Today Mrs. Clinton was asked would she rather sing or dance? What is a serious candidate even doing on a creme puff show like that?
We are going to have to get some real answers, and soon. This country deserves a real and viable choice. All the candidates that are contending for votes need to start hammering out real positions.
Don't even use the word "Change" unless you plan on following it with "What"! We are getting sick and tired of the games People.

Articles of Interest:
Which is Broken, the Government or the People?
While Republican candidates are telling us that government is broken and the people need to fix it, Democrat candidates are telling us that the people are broken and need the government to fix it.

Political Change and Correctness Can Destroy America
2009 will start eight years of the following:
1. To maintain a nation under God or to continue to completely separate church and state, thus to maintain faith or
move to being a secularist nation;

2. To stay as a Republic or be converted to a European-type

3. To keep Capitalism or accept Socialism;

4. Keep lower taxes with more jobs or higher taxes with fewer jobs available as a result.;

5. To have a Constructional
or a Legislative Supreme Court;

6. To continue our current emotional and political “Cultural War” or to, once again, unite as the true United States of America!

How you vote in 2008 will answer which of the above our next generation will inherit!

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Blogger Debbie said...

Even the Republicans are taking up the "change" flag. But it seems when they get elected it's business as usual.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

10:04 AM, January 16, 2008  

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