Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese - Marketing Death

The makers of goods to export out of China are starting to fall on hard times. The world is starting to turn from imported goods made in China. We have seen toxic dog food, toys that break apart and become a choke hazard, Infant toys painted with lead and hitting the news today, poison dumplings in Japan.
China is starting to loose business from its two largest buyers, the United States and Japan. Both countries are taking a much harder stand on inspections. More products have been turned away that were made in China, than any other country. This has serious consequences to both the seller and the buyer.
There are those conspiracy buffs who see this as a stealth war against western powers. A slow take down of those who will most likely stand in there way in the future.
Others see this as a fledgling competitor on the world market simply moving too fast in order to gain a stake at the worlds retail tables.
No matter which theory you prescribe to, where does the line get drawn? Do we ban or reduce all imports from this nation demanding verifiable testing and processing to ensure safety? We keep hearing about the global economy and how important each country is to the world economy, but does that trump safety? When will we put our foot down and demand safety above profit?
Each of these questions need answers, and I don't see our political leaders moving forward on these issues. I know they are all busy running election campaigns, but aren't we paying them to do a job? The safety of each and every American is part of their sworn oath to uphold. We better be getting their attention and generating some action before it is too late.

Until then, Let The Buyer Beware!

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