Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting the Dirt On Your Neighbors

This may be a really bad thing for you. The next global crisis that will surpass the current fad of Global Warming will be Earthly Erosion. They might need to work on a catchier name, but the crisis is coming. Is your dirt going to your neighbor or down the drain?

According to this article, we are loosing soil far faster then it can be made. Much of the loss comes from poor agricultural practices. We also loose soil by paving over it and sealing it in.

Soil is a living breathing entity that is vital to our survival. Over the last decade more and more is being done to combat erosion. Water and wind tend to be the biggest players in soil loss. We humans come along and do things to increase this destruction. We strip the land of the anchoring vegetation and expose the soil to the full wrath of mother-nature.

We can do more to protect against this but I am sure there is some big promotional outfit out there preparing the campaign in order to draw on the next financial frenzy.

Hat tip to Heavy-Handed for pointing out this article.

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