Saturday, January 19, 2008

They Did It!

Finally, after years of anticipation and aggravation the battery has evolved. Most of the electronic world has been held back by battery technology. Solving this one key will change the world of energy and alternative energy. No other single issue could do what this will do.
Anything that has been held down or discouraged in growth by the weight and size of its battery can now be set free. Even the Electric Car is now a likely alternative because of this one innovation. The article I am about to point you to is so humble they simply point to the laptop battery jumping form 4 hours to 40 hours.
Read this article and then start to dream.

If a battery can supply 10 times the life, a battery could potentially be one tenth the size as well. Think of the weight reduction or longevity that could change the space program, the computer industry, the auto industry, the (you name the need for electricity) industry.

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Blogger Leanna said...

Yes!! I wonder what is coming up for the humble spoon, fork or spork?

9:55 PM, January 20, 2008  

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