Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We Need To See Some Fire

How can someone draw interest and followers without displaying some energy and vitality? Thompson seems to have the right things to say yet inspiration is lacking. Show a little energy! This nation is on the edge. We need a serious candidate that knows how to inspire and motivate a nation. We need a real communicator that knows how to bring people to his side of the argument. We need a motivator that encourages people to action. We need a defender who sees the enemy and is not afraid to take action. We need a leader who can make tough decisions and stand on them.
Fred, can you be that guy? Good-ol-boy posturing isn't going to cut it.

Iowa and New Hampshire may initiate the political process but this is a big nation with big problems. The whole nation is watching. You need to win hearts and minds from shore to shore everyday. If you want to be the candidate Mr. Thompson you need to get it together.

Aricle of interest

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