Monday, February 25, 2008

Seeing Your Work In Print

I really enjoy JBWilliams and his writings, but sometimes you wonder. He did a real nice job on this writing but it seems to be an expansion of my own. I wrote and posted on Feb. 15 "Take Back The Senate 2008". Now I am reading his article dated Feb. 25 and de javu has set in.

A Conservative Senate

A conservative (not just Republican) senate will assure that pure constructionist judges are appointed to the Supreme Court.
A conservative senate will make certain that the very real international war against Islamic Jihad is fully funded and aggressively fought.
A conservative senate will stop any effort to legalize illegal immigration, or undermine national sovereignty and security with an open unregulated border policy.
A conservative senate will block all efforts to sign insane international treaties at odds with American interests, including those advanced by Al Gore’s Global Warming Scam.
A conservative senate can re-adopt the Gingrich Contract with America agenda aimed at reducing the size, scope and budget of a runway federal government.

The senate is currently made up of 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats and 2 so-called Independents, both of whom caucus with Democrats currently. Three senate seats will swing control of the senate and plenty are up for re-election and available in 2008. Check your state senate races. Get really involved.

A conservative senate means that whoever sits in the White House, administration efforts to steer the nation into the socialist abyss will be impotent. Conservative Americans MUST vote to take back control of the senate in their state races, anywhere a Democrat or liberal Republican seat is up in 2008.

You can read the entire article here.

Hey, JB if you are reading this. I really don't mind, but could you sight your source once in a while. A little note in the corner would do me fine.

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