Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Just Keep On Giving

I get really tired of hearing how Greedy the US is. Every time I turn around some dictator or world leader is telling us we need to give them money. Half of these crack pots have robbed the coffers of their nation and have left their people to starve while they live large.
Now we got a bill flying through congress to do just that. It is now in the Senate (S.2433). The bill was dropped on our leaders just prior to recess and a vote demanded. That's right no time to study, debate and hammer out issues. The basics of the bill sound good, "End World Poverty by 2015". The US can't even deal with its own poverty issues and now we are going to use failed policy on others at our expense. Our congress has no right to give our money away without our permission.
I dare you to read the words of Davy Crockett, Not Yours To Give. We the American people are a generous bunch but government is not the means to dole out our generosity.
Look at the Tsunami Fund as an example, the American people independent of government gave out billions of dollars in aid. This should more then cover the tab of the current Senate bill. But wait there's more. We the American people contribute to both religious and non-religious causes that feed the children, provide safe drinking water, and so many other world projects. If they would agree to tabulate all this into account before writing a single check out of the government they would find we have over paid again.
This bill is not necessary and we should be ashamed of our representatives who would take the spending of our money so lightly. To make matters even worse, one of our candidates for president is the key sponsor to this bill. Obama should be taken to the mat and stripped of all authority on this issue alone.

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Blogger GUYK said...

I have more respect for an armed thief than I do a government that taxes me for the purpose of income redistribution..a thief just robs me and lets me go back to producing..government taxation for the purpose of income redistribution makes me a slave to government.

2:17 PM, February 27, 2008  

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