Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Identifying the "Victim" Class in America

The key to the success of the Democratic Party is victim-hood. They can paint every American Citizen as a victim and then jump into the room with their cape on and announce they can help. People have started to identify as victims more and more over the years and the government has been creating more and more programs to bail them out.

As for America’s economic victims, Democrats will most often describe these people as “working Americans,” or ‘working families,” or “middle-class Americans.“ This is absurdly broad, and is almost as silly as singling-out “breathing Americans.” Given adequate physical capacity, most Americans breathe, all on their own. Similarly, most able-bodied Americans work - - regardless of our race, socio-economic status, family history, religion, or education - - and most of us are middle-class as well.

But the Democrats’ use of this broad, far-reaching terminology sets-up an interesting political paradigm. By implication, it implies that there are some participants in our American economy who don’t “work” - - they just “get rich” off of other people’s toil. And who would these people be? This leads us to the Democrats’ second category of economic terminology, the “victimizers” category.

One need not follow Democratic politics too carefully to hear who the bad guys are. They are often singled out as a specific class, with the phrases “wealthy Americans” or “the wealthiest of Americans.” This happens most frequently when Democrats, refusing to acknowledge that taxes were cut earlier this decade for all Americans (the poor and the middle class included), decry the so-called “tax-cuts for the wealthy.” But the assailants are also described in other broad, collective terms and phrases, and here‘s a brief list: “corporate America;” “business owners;” “big oil;” “Wall Street;” “executives,” “pharmaceutical companies;” “CEO‘s,” “companies that outsource jobs;” and “mortgage lenders.”

The most subtle, and perhaps the most damaging outcome of this rhetoric, is that ignores the human toil, risk, sacrifice, discipline, and determination that is required for a person to become a business owner, or an executive, or to operate a pharmaceutical company or be a mortgage lender or to participate in global trade. Call it “class warfare,” or “the politics of envy.” It is the left’s most acceptable form of “hate speech,” and it is turning the discontent and fearful in our society against the people and principles that enable economic opportunity for all.

This plays on our lack of responsibility and our increasing need to blame someone else for our own failures. No matter what decision we make one of the bad guys influenced us in some way and they should have to pay for it. The victimizers are simply ourselves. Over one third of Americans own stocks, more than 20% have their own business, our these the people that are plotting against you? Do we really need Big Government Democrats to come to our rescue? How many of you could afford the house you are in if you didn't have a mortgage lender?

We need to stop buying into this America defeating slogans and start asking our politicians and leaders to take steps to strengthen business and increase our ability to be rewarded for a hard days work. We don't need more taxes and more welfare programs. We need the government to back off.

The blue type is a quote from an article found here.
Thanks to Austin Hill for putting it in such clear words.

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