Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Save XP

I have several computers around the house. Most are running XP with the exception of one on Vista. I have them all networked and take time to interact with each of them. Each of my family members have a computer to use and I get feed back from everyone if the slightest problem comes up.

The ones running XP give me all the problems, well, most of the problems. You are probably asking yourself, if XP is giving me all the problems why would I want to save it. The truth is, everyone uses the XP machines and the Vista system doesn't get much use. It doesn't run half the software we use. I am not at rich as Bill Gates so I can't simply buy new software for everything or have it tailor made to suit my needs.

The problem with Vista comes in three forms, Size, Function and Usability. In order to run Vista successful you need a gig of RAM plus additional RAM to actually do any real work. If you are a major data cruncher like me, Vista is a RAM hog. It doesn't function in a logical progression. This failure to be intuitive to the user makes it awkward at best.

Finally there is the fact that no one has written software patches for all our needs. I have purchased Office 2007 but I am not going to purchase updates for every other software application I run. If there were any.

Instead of forcing all of us to buy thousands of dollars in software let us make every effort to force Microsoft to keep supporting our operating system until they get it right. XP is as close as they have gotten and Vista has many areas to catch up. We don't want to have less function.

Sign the petition to save XP.

Thanks Texasfred for reminding me about this important issue.

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Blogger cary said...

Except for the GUI (and there were some decent ones on the market for DOS), windows has been a PItA for me ever since it first came out.

I was teaching DOS classes at the time, then I had to learn winblows in order to teach that. While I was consulting, the first thing I did was go in and try to figure out which version was running and which patches had or hadn't been installed.

DOS was two disks to install.

Winblows was 15. XP came on a CD, and Vista is on two CDs.

Don't tell me there's no spaghetti in that code - it's all so convoluted that I doubt if any of the coders at MicroSoft even remember what goes into the crap they produce.

OK, I'll quit ranting about software...

2:38 PM, April 26, 2008  

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