Monday, May 12, 2008

How Long Will the Lie of Global Warming Grip the Planet

John McCain was in Portland Oregon today speaking at a company that makes wind generators. These are amazing colossuses that produce electricity from wind. Both Washington and Oregon have renewable energy requirements and the deadline is fast approaching. It is no longer an issue of cost and consumer considerations it is all about meeting the mandate even if it greatly increases the cost per kilowatt.
McCain stood there and used all the standard GW talking points to make us all feel better about this. He is convinced that GW is real.
I guess it really doesn't matter what the science shows to be true. As the evidence stacks up against global warming we will still be left paying the bills for all the blunders.
I really don't have a complaint with wind generation I think it is a great idea. It will never make a large enough dent to mean anything in the grand scheme of energy production but it sure looks cool.

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Blogger cary said...

As long as community associations and individual towns and cities are dead set against the homeowner's own wind generator, then yes, there won't be enough of a dent put into the supply side to help.

If only 1% of the private home owners were allowed to erect wind generators, the demand on major suppliers would drop substantially enough to have an effect on the demand for petroleum energy sources previously used to generate electricity.

I live an a neighborhood with a Homeowner's Association. I serve on the board of directors, and I have been trying to get the documents changed to allow not only wind generators, but also solar panels. For a state that has more sunshine every year than the rest of the states (Arizona), we are woefully behind in solar generation. It's time to look at what God is providing and learn how to harness it and live within it's capabilities, instead of creating our own and asking more and more of it everyday.

9:29 PM, May 18, 2008  

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