Sunday, May 25, 2008

Politics Under the Microscope

I read a lot of news. I go from site to site and read and read. In my reading I ran across several articles that clearly state the condition of our nation and our political climate. I usually pick a subject and focus on the key points. One thought at a time is usually enough to digest and your antacid of choice can usually assuage the pains.
Let me offer up a few pieces and my recommendation for reading them. Our nation needs everyone of us to vote and bring about this full left tilt that may sink us if we don't act.

We could be energy-independent if it weren't for political a*ses and greenies
By Vincent Gioia
May 23, 2008
Before I got my first driver license I envied my young friends with cars. They ruled the neighborhood and had first choice of girls; I could only stand by and wonder what it would be like to be able to cruise down Main Street in my own "wheels" and eat at drive-in restaurants served by pretty car hops. Little did I know then that all this was made possible because gasoline was a bargain and fill-ups were affordable by most everyone.

Today drive in restaurants are gone and with them pretty car hops; and so is affordable gasoline. In those days the only Arabs I knew about were the occasional actors in movies like Road to Morocco, Flying Carpet and Alibaba and the Forty Thieves (how prescient was the title of the last one?). Never having been there I could only imagine the likes of Arabia; I suppose something like Coney Island without a Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand.

When I fill up my car with gasoline now, it costs $50, a far cry from the days when gasoline was 25 cents a gallon; and we have Alibaba, political asses and greenies to thank for that. They are responsible for unaffordable gasoline.

There's more............ Go Read It.

A Nation in Crisis
By Frank Salvato
May 24, 2008
People, the news media and pundits like to throw around the word “crisis.” The mainstream media and their ilk tell us that we are currently experiencing a crisis in the sub-prime mortgage market, an economic crisis, a crisis with the environment, a crisis in race relations and with oil prices. There is a crisis with the polar bears, the environmentalists tell us, as they taut their questionable consensus on the global warming crisis, this even as 31,000 scientists rebuke their “consensus.” Educators tell us there is a crisis in public education. We even have a steroid crisis in the sports industry. I won’t be opining about any of these “crisis” today.

We in the United States are experiencing a crisis of epidemic proportions. It is a crisis that threatens to end the great experiment in democracy that is our country. It is a crisis that involves apathy and arrogance, ignorance and a lack of fundamental prioritization. It is a crisis that centers on the loathsome practice of self-aggrandizement at the expense of others and that feeds on the “I’ve got mine, to hell with you” attitude possessed by the self-absorbed so prevalent in today’s American society.

We the People have a crisis of purpose.

The Crisis needs to be understood so we can act......Read the Rest.

GOP Congressional Disasters: The "McCain Effect"
By Christopher G. Adamo
May 24, 2008
For nearly the last four decades, a consistent pattern has been established in the Republican political arena, whereby both good and bad fortunes can be directly correlated to the overt conservatism, or the lack thereof, in the party. The more conservative the party and its candidates are, the better they do on election day. Conversely, as GOP members seek "common ground" with liberal Democrat rivals, their prospects at the ballot box diminish.

Republicans ignore this relationship at their own peril. Yet it appears that they are about to do so once again as they go into the 2008 general election season. The two dismal defeats in the recent Alabama and Mississippi congressional special elections should be construed as a warning sign, but thus far, the party seems intent on critically misinterpreting them. So more calamities are likely to follow.

That such a simple and reliable pattern of cause and effect can be so casually refuted or ignored by the party hierarchy is a testimony to the power of the liberal press to mischaracterize events, as well as a grim reflection of the corrupting effects of the Washington environment where truth, right, and reality are utterly flexible, to be defined by the latest public opinion polls.

Conservatives Still out number liberals it just gets harder to tell.....Read the rest.

Obama's Fatal Weakness With Whites
By Michael J. Gaynor
May 23, 2008
Rookie United States Senators and current Democrat frontrunner Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. rightly took a big hit with white voters after the media focused the nation on his relationships with the likes of Rev. Jeremiah A. "God damn America" Wright, Jr. and William "I bombed the Pentagon and wish I'd done more" Ayers and a videotape of Obama telling the elite as a closed-door San Francisco fundraiser that small town Americans clung to religion and guns out of bitter over their economic circumstances was made public.

By then, however, Obama had become the frontrunner, as Democrats forgot that Iowa picks corn and New Hampshire (won by Hillary Rodham Clinton) picks presidents.

Since then, Hillary Clinton has won nearly all of the primaries, with the predictable exceptions of North Carolina (where blacks cast about 40% of the vote in the state's 2008 Democrat presidential primary) and Oregon (where at least a third of the voters in the state's 2008 Democrat presidential primary don't do to a church, a synagogue or a mosque to worship).

Race and gender had worked FOR Obama, as 1984 Democrat vice presidential nominee Geraldine A. Ferraro astutely noted.

The Race Card, like it or not, will still have to be played.........Read the Rest.

Our political climate is more tumultuous then hurricanes or tornadoes. I hope the next cycle does leave a body count as high. If we are to avoid this next disaster we better get back to the polls. We better take our citizenship seriously and toss people out of office who don't represent those who sent them. Impeach and Remove need to become key words in taking back America.

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