Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Windows Mobil -- XV6800

I have been trying out all sorts of things on my phone and thought that I would give you a taste of what works for me.
Out of the box the XV6800 is a great phone but you quickly run into a need for function. After all the first job is as a phone. If you can't get to your contacts quickly it starts to wear on you. The voice activation feature forces you to program a voice command for every contact and then you find the environment you need to use it causes errors. I got some guy when I was trying to call my wife.
Access to programs was another problem. You needed to break out the stylus and tap from three to six times to get what you want. This slow response and need to fully concentrate on the phone was starting to annoy me.
I started searching the net for upgrades that would solve all my problems. My first purchase was SPB Pocket Plus. This corralled all my programs into quick and easy icons that I could quickly launch from the today screen. It gave me some great data tools as well as an accurate battery meter. I had a great time personalizing it so I could get the maximum function out of it.
I was so pleased I purchased SPB Diary as a companion. Now this program set me free. I could organize all my contacts, appointments, tasks and notes in a quick easy to use format. I simply tap the screen and my most called contacts are right there. I can even include a picture and simply tap the face and dial the number. I can filter and categorize my contacts to make using my phone a breeze.
Now I was really enjoying my phone. The only thing it still lacked was voice recognition. Microsoft had a great voice command package, easy to install and doesn't need training. Now the freedom of blue tooth and a push of a button I can instantly be connected to anyone in my contact list without even getting my phone out of the case. I know have the perfect phone.
I also added:
SPB Weather - Fantastic
Goggle Maps
Total Commander - far better then file explorer

If you have a windows Mobile phone and want to use it to the max, I would suggest you add the same features to yours. You wont be disappointed.

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