Monday, June 30, 2008

12 Million Bees or Obama Supporters

All is going to turn out well in Canada but this reminded me of the current political season. The Article talked about how the truck over turned on the freeway releasing the bees from the 330 hives on board. I immediately associated this with the many issues that would have derailed a normal candidate but not Obama.

Every time a major obstacle pops up in front of Obama, like an over turned truck the bees swarm out and you forget about the truck part. They use biting words like racism to drive away what would be fair game for any other candidate.

When will the seriousness come back into the election cycle? I know I was getting pretty tired of all the campaigning during the primaries. Come September the Candidates will be officially declared and the race will go into full swing. Will we then be able to criticize the candidates with out the killer bees?

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