Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At Least They're Doing Something

Bush put out an executive order over the weekend that forces employers who do work for the government to verify that those doing the work are legal workers in the USA. It directs employers to use the E-Verify system to check for Matching Social Security Numbers and Names.

Regular readers can probably remember the many times I have written on this subject. As unemployment is starting to rise due to the constantly increasing cost of energy we are finally making moves to open up our employer rolls.

I don't buy the line "They are here to do jobs Americans wont do". The real issue is "They are here to do jobs we wont pay a decent wage to get done". You will also find vast numbers taking jobs that Americans would love to have.

Arizona has lead the way in dealing with this very issue. Some friends have told me how much quieter it is down there. Before the law they were feeling over run and often unemployed. Now there is opportunities for American citizens.

Most of the nation is going through a job crisis for high schoolers and college aged young workers looking for work to supplement their summer. This executive order if broadened to a nation wide policy would help employ our young citizens and boost our nation. Now would be a good time to tell your representatives to pass real immigration reform. Reform that restores America back to Americans.


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