Saturday, June 21, 2008

Right Turn - Your Turn: Where's the restroom?

Right Turn - Your Turn: Where's the restroom?

Today's society is being hit hard by a new reality which for conservative Christians are particularly impacted and on a regular basis.No longer is the question "Where's the restroom?" just a phrase you try to be prepared to ask in whatever language necessary to get around on your vacation. It is a phrase fundamental to determining your own local facilities because of the actions of the GLBT groups (this refers to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender groups).

It is a phrase that frightens and sends red flags up, when considering the ramifications of recent laws and political activism. Read this to get some idea of what our young people face on college campuses, and even in your own elementary schools.It hit home for me when I read just this one sentence from that article stating, "An article in the New York Times revealed how parents of children with gender confusion are now being encouraged to dress their children as members of the opposite sex. At the Park Day School in Oakland [Calif.], teachers . . . are urged to line up students by sneaker color rather than by gender.” What type of life is that? Instead of saying "I'm a girl", you say "I'm pink and purple

Our current state of society is quickly declining. Any hateful or evil act you can think of, and those you may never imagine are looking for openings. They want to thrust their way of life and degenerate acts on the rest of us. As you ponder whether or not to vote in the next election remember these groups will show up in force and may become the majority at the polls if your not there. Don't give them opportunity to take your rights from you and change our nation forever.

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