Monday, June 30, 2008

XP Is Being Phased(forced) Out

You may still be able to buy a copy for a few more months but the rare working operating system known as XP is being tossed aside for Vista and its soon to be upgrade Windows 7. We can only hope that this future edition will actually function for the majority of us.

I can still remember back to the days of DOS. It was an awkward but exciting time in the dawn of the computer era. Slowly over the years operating systems came and went. Many flopped and gave me fits.

Finally, I get an operating system that I don't have to reboot every couple of hours. Finally, one that I can actually multi-task on. I have had uncountable numbers of windows open and working and still didn't crash.

Microsoft finally got something right and now they want me to change. Could they get it right again?

Microsoft Pulling Plug on Windows XP

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