Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anyone Remember the Other Candidate

Obama is traveling the world attempting to show some ability to deal in foreign matters. He has the following of a rock star as he goes from place to place. Reporters swarm every opportunity not wanting to miss a moment.
McCain goes place to place with little fan fare and a reporter or two. Nobody seems to notice much of what he is doing. There are still big meetings and rallies but the media isn't bothering to cover it.

How can we have such unbalanced coverage of the two top candidates for the most powerful person in the world? The media has fallen in love with Obama and follows him around as if he was the Pied Piper. Every sin has immediate forgiveness and his meteoric rise to the top continues. Long gone are the days of balanced reporting. The bias in the media is clear and heavily weighted in Obama's favor.
Is it his race? It seems that race has been a key topic for at least the Obama side of the campaign. He will mention it, or the next gaff will come from a race issue. Jesse Jackson jumps to mind here. Rev. Wright jumps to mind here. Those who stand in Obama's camp seem to be playing the race card at every turn as the only insulating factor for their candidate. I am not sure if anyone knows where Obama stands on any issue, but slap the race card down and you can't discuss it.

I know it is the slow season as we run up to the conventions and then the big campaign push, shouldn't the media hide their devotion a little bit?

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Anonymous Steve said...

OH NO! It's the liberal media again. You've been listening to Bernie Goldberg too much (some day he will get over the fact that Dan Rather got the job over him). I saw plenty of McCain coverage while Obama was in Europe. The fact is that Obama is more interesting than McCain. I would have more respect for McCain if he had punched W in the mouth after all of the crap that Rove, W, and the crew pulled in South Carolina back in 2000.

8:13 PM, July 31, 2008  

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