Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cars - The Blessing & The Curse

I really love my car. It drives smooth, looks nice and serves all my needs. It isn't one of my favorite colors, but from the inside it isn't a big deal. I baby it with synthetic oil and it rewards me with 21mpg even with driving in heavy traffic. The whole family fits with gear for a day on the coast.
The irritation comes when you mix in irresponsible people who can't seem to park in a parking lot. I came out of the grocery store on Monday to find dents in my drivers side rear quarter panel. The other vehicle was obviously blue by what was left behind. No note. I was ticked.
Now I am dealing with the insurance and everyone knows how much joy there is with that. The auto repair center was very nice. They look forward to the business. What do I have to look forward too? I called the store and asked them if they have any surveillance footage. I have to wait a week for them to process the request. Identifying the creep who hit me would allow my insurance to pursue someone else for my deductible. It would also force an irresponsible person to take responsibility. Sad we have to force people to be responsible for their own actions.
Lack of personal responsibility has given us the sad state of society that we find ourselves in. If we could find away to restore this, we would once again be a great and free nation.

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Blogger Bushwack said...

I have a 97 GMC dually big fenders in the back, I get like 11mpg, it has 115k miles on it and I love that truck... I baby it too, waxed washed and chromed... Went to the store, came out and had a dent on my rear right fender... Car right next to me had My Paint on his door...Now he is dealing with his insurance and I repaired my paint....I can sympathize with ya.

11:27 PM, July 03, 2008  

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