Monday, July 07, 2008

The Real Reason Health Care Is So High

I have talked about this many times. Yet no one seems to recognize the vast cost of our open border policy. Does this video help you rise up and tell your representatives to close the border now?

How do you want to continue paying for this? Increase your taxes? Increase your medical costs? Or should we simply close our hospitals all together?

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Blogger Pandora39 said...

This is a problem in most states. Some hospitals are closing their ER's as they say they can no longer afford to keep them open. So we start with up to 20 million illegas and then add in the many of the 47 million uninsured who fall through the cracks and end up using ER's as their family doctors and we no longer have to wonder why our health care costs per person are more than double than any other country in the world.

Closing the borders is the first thing that we have to do. But as long as big business is running our national government it won't be done.

10:08 PM, July 09, 2008  

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