Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Do You Think?

In the past we told stories around camp fires our passed on family stories verbally through tradition. The elders would tell tales of past adventures and normal daily activities so that those living today could take their place in the lines of tradition. The mind was a vast collection of stories and experiences. It's only limitation was the available knowledge of those near by.
The written word came along and brought accuracy and instruction into the world. No longer were you trapped by the knowledge you could glean from those around you. Books could be transported to far away places and still convey the knowledge that they contained. Imagination and creativity flourished as you attempted to place yourselves into the story or activity presented in a book. This intense stimulation of creativity caused a sudden increase in production and civilization became possible.
Radio was the next big change in communication. Stories that were once cherished family tales, became regional. You now could stretch the imagination once again with the spoken word. You were no longer limited by those immediately before you. The entire world was soon available to anyone who chose to listen.
Radio was quickly followed by the Television. It was professed to be the greatest communication tool ever. People from any where at any time could produce a program and place it before you. No longer did you have to seek out information, instruction or entertainment. It now came to you through a complex box. The adding of channels and choices has allowed this media to cover every topic on any day of your choosing. Yet, did this full immersion of information add to or take from society?
Now we have the internet. It is a complex mix of written word, spoken word, pictures and videos. It takes everything from a book to television and rolls them into one.

Now here is your part. How do you see the internet effecting society as a whole? Will it inspire greatness or mediocrity? Is it too much information? How will it effect your future?

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Blogger Applied Christianity said...

I think the internet is a tool. I will help my life, but it will likely be used to devestate others.

4:19 PM, July 24, 2008  
Anonymous JMB said...

I think that the internet will one day bring many more true Americans to realize that we will have to do more then just talk.

I read this article today, and it is quite shocking.

Take care down there.
I didn’t spew.

11:49 AM, August 22, 2008  

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