Saturday, August 09, 2008

Life's A Changing

Life has been coming on fast. I am buying a house and preparing to move. The crunch of moving out and moving in along with doing my job is taking much of my time. Children are soon going to be back in school. Vacations and projects are all coming due.

I am expecting to close on my house next week. I need to be out of my current house by the end of the month. Boxes and packing are not my favorite activity. As the head of a family of five with small children the task seems huge. One box at a time, but which box first, second, third......

Things are changing at work while all this is going on. Change in both places adds to the stress. I have had to reschedule and change all my employee schedules as well as prepare for some of our regular work to change delivery days and times. The chaos and indecisiveness of the customer only adds to the joy.

The kids are all excited about going to school. The screams of joy are almost more then I can stand. Actually, the moping and frustration, the curiosity and questions keep coming. Moving to a new school, with new friends has its good and bad thoughts.

While all this goes on people are finishing their summer vacations and attempting to finish the projects of summer. I did my whole yard with the help of a couple of high school boys. It was a project I needed to do, and moving made it now.

Life's coming fast. I hope your ride is good and make sure you keep the seat belt fastened tight.

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