Friday, August 15, 2008

Which Candidate Should Answer That Phone

The Clinton ad that got it going had to do with a 3am call and the world was on the line. The commercial wasn't that great but it started the nation thinking about who they want in the oval office. The conflict in Russia and Georgia does an exceptional job of hammering this home.

Obama did his poll the world speech that included getting a UN resolution together. I guess he forgot that Russia was a permanent member and could veto any resolution that came before the UN. I guess he also hasn't noticed that there hasn't really been a successful UN Resolution. Can any of you remember one that actually worked?

McCain got this issue dead on. He came out hard core. He pushed aside politics and went straight to the issue. That was what I would call presidential. George made some strong statements but they were all gums not teeth.

Fred Thompson recently put out an article that puts this into perspective. You may want to read what he had to say on this issue. He ties it up into what kind of nation do we want to be come next year. We are looking at some tough decisions in our future and we need a candidate who can stand on his own and not lean on the rest of the world.

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Blogger At-The-Water-Cooler said...

The one who does not say it is below his pay grade.

2:36 PM, August 21, 2008  

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