Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes They Can

I wrote about the group claiming to be able to make oil from anything organic a while ago. They had isolated the bacteria needed to break down organic matter and pump oil from waste products. The media didn't seem to care much about this fantastic development and buried the story. The US Army took note and is planning to have oil from anything plants on six of its bases here in the US.

These facilities will be smaller than what future production centers will need to be to supply the entire country but they will make a huge difference. Within a year the Army could be fully independent of foreign oil. You may want to go back and read that sentence again. Fully independent from foreign oil is the goal of the whole country and using this technology can make it happen. It won't make the greenies happy, who were looking at forcing us from our cars.

I expect a major environmental battle once these plants start in. The army bases have a lot of liberty when it comes to installations but the protesters will line up. These enviro nuts have been excited over the high oil prices and the sudden surge in public transportation. They have been going crazy over the drop in personal driving and the loss of freedom by the average American. That's right, Loss of Freedom. We have been forced to go only where the government thinks we should go based on public transportation administrators. Oil translates to personal freedom in America.

We are looking at about five years until we reach energy Independence in the oil category with the full implementation of this technology. There are those who don't want us to Drill Now. They have been pushing alternative energy as the solution but don't have any idea what that solution will look like. The solution is here. We really don't have to change much of anything. We make waste and this company turns it into fuel. This reduces landfill needs, cuts environmental hazards of mass drilling and provides us with a fuel that allows us to keep all our current vehicles. The bottom line is, it reduces all the standard complaints of enviro wackos so you know they will hate it.

U.S. green lights 'anything into oil'

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Blogger Provarications said...

I feel like I'm about to vote in the USA elections myself given the obscene amounts of coverage we're getting from the UK media, so I thought I'd say this: What are you talking about? If the technology works and it reduces emissions in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, as well as reducing the USA's dependence on foreign oil, then everyone ought to support its use if they have an ounce of common sense, regardless of their political leanings!

Reminds me of Obama saying during his acceptance speech that "we may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies?" -- oops, sorry, I mentioned abortion. My mistake. But I'd love to meet a completely non-religious "Pro Life" person... And a non-religious McCain supporter (although one could probably be found amongst the many thousands of Hillary fans who are supposedly switching to McCain now). And, eventually, I think it would be good to see a secular President, or Prime Minister of a democratic nation, who didn't need to come from any sort of religious background or even mention any sort of supernatural deity at all, when discussing practical, pragmatic policies for people living in the real world...

Sorry about the rambling. I would agree, though, that sometimes it seems that Obama is mostly rhetoric... But I was pleasantly surprised with his last speech, at least. I'm glad I don't have to vote in this election though. I'm just curious about the results. Oh, and just to mention McCain's new VP candidate, I would equate "voting for her because she's a woman" -- and only because she's a woman, with "voting for him because he's black" -- and only because he's black. What about voting for someone who you think is right for the job? To me, that also includes religious inclination -- even if Obama was indeed a Muslim, which he is not, why should that matter a great deal? Let's not forget to judge someone by their actions above anything else... Muslims aren't a homogenous class of people when it comes to how they incorporate their beliefs into their everyday life, neither are Christians -- and atheists certainly aren't.

6:18 AM, August 30, 2008  
Blogger Applied Christianity said...

Thanks for the post. I linked to it.

11:39 AM, September 08, 2008  

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