Friday, October 17, 2008

The Core Problem

Everyday I put my full self into everything I do. I don't hold back or wait for someone to come along and help me out. It doesn't matter if I am at home or at work, I put out a full effort to take on the challenges that face me. Procrastination and foot dragging would never come to the minds of those who see me in action. I am a get it done person without having to run down all those around me. I strive to pull everyone along with me as I face the daily challenges of life.
As I look around at those who I interact with, the overwhelming majority seem to want someone else to deal with the daily problems and challenges. They seem to want to do the minimum necessary to get by in life. The few go getters who meet life head on are usually picking up the slack.
I watched one gal slowly spread herself thinner and thinner until those around her were leaning and watching her do most of the work. She didn't seem to notice it was going on. I went over and pulled her from the crew forcing the others to go back to work. I explained to her what I saw and how she was being taken advantage of, and she hadn't even noticed.
This plays out multiple times around the world everyday. The self motivated driven individuals carry the rest of the work force. These hard working individuals need to be recognized and rewarded. As a leader I want to nourish and retain these people, while letting the others change directions and move on. The bulk of the staff needs to be pushed and coerced into productivity so they can make their keep.
Have you ever had someone tell you that they aren't paid enough to do that? While the employer is thinking, prove to me you can do it and I will pay you. The two never achieve any level of satisfaction because neither is willing to take a risk. The employee has the best position for risk but usually the least willing to take the step forward. The employee is in a position where they can be recognized and move up in stature and pay. They are already there doing some portion of the job and within their reach is a career move that will propel them forward.
The company is in the worst position for risk because they need to hire someone to do the job and they need some kind of assurance that the job will be done successfully by the hire. They are free to hire from within or choose a newcomer from the outside, neither prospect guarantees them success. If current employees step up and prove they can handle the job, the employer should recognize this effort with some kind of bonus first. The bonus should be given to the employee along with a conversation about what the job requirements are, and the expectations. This bonus should act as a retainer and incentive for the employee to make a decision as to taking this position and strive to meet the goals. If the employee agrees to the new position and the goals, wage adjustments should follow within thirty days of them being met. This is a demonstration of a person striving for success and being rewarded for their efforts.
Most companies have only 10-25% of their staff who are these type of individuals. The rest simply show up for a pay check and will strive to do the smallest amount of work possible to get it. They successfully lean on everyone else to survive.

The American Dream is available to all but only the achievers, the self-starters and the personally driven will ever achieve it. The rest will sit back and expect it to come to them. America has traditionally been a nation of individuals who work hard and enjoy the rewards for their efforts. Failure is always a possibility but persistence usually pays off over time, and those who strive to the highest degree deserve the greatest reward.
In the last 50 years, America has changed. Socialist practices have slowly creped into our society. Our various welfare programs that were once a good idea, designed to help the down trodden, have become holding places for the lazy. There is no incentive to strive and achieve and no end to the gravy-train even if it is deemed meager.
Karl Marx penned, "From each according to his ability to each according to his need." These words have flourished and now we see them taking over our nation. It no long matters how hard you work for it, if someone decides you have too much, they will take it and give it to those who have too little. The line of measure for too much and too little is at the whim of the politician in charge. The Utopian belief is that those who can, will and those who can't, will get a share anyway. Over and over this has been tried on society after society and the result is, those who can, will do a little. The incentive has been pulled from the equation and all will be reduced to simply getting by.

I heard this worn out and false Utopian philosophy once again come up at the last presidential debate. Those who are unwilling to put the full measure of themselves into their work are once again excited. They see "the Rich" (an arbitrary class based on false assumptions) giving over vast sums of money to solve their problems and make their dreams come true. History's lessons have proved it doesn't work time and time again but maybe this time they say.
BO said this,
"When you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody."
McCain challenged that notion in the debate by saying,
"You know, when Sen. Obama ended up his conversation with Joe the plumber – we need to spread the wealth around. In other words, we're going to take Joe's money, give it to Sen. Obama, and let him spread the wealth around.
I want Joe the plumber to spread that wealth around. You told him you wanted to spread the wealth around.
The whole premise behind Sen. Obama's plans are class warfare, let's spread the wealth around. I want small businesses – and by the way, the small businesses that we're talking about would receive an increase in their taxes right now.
Who – why would you want to increase anybodies taxes
right now? Why would you want to do that, anyone, anyone in America, when we have such a tough time, when these small business people, like Joe the plumber, are going to create jobs, unless you take that money from him and spread the wealth around.
I'm not going to...We're not going to do that in my

Do we really want government promoting more socialist programs? Do we really want someone deciding when we have too much? Do you really want your hard work rewarding those who barely try around you? Yes, there are some who may be able to afford paying more taxes but at what point do you become one according to the government?

Full video of Obama and Joe the Plumber
Full Transcript of Debate 10/15
Spreading the wealth around, is it really good for everyone

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