Friday, October 24, 2008

Do Polls Lie?

I am not much of a poll person. Polls can be manipulated by how the questions are asked and who is actually called. I think everyone has heard the question, "So when did you stop beating your wife?". This is an example of framing a question with a biased assumption. In this case the assumption is you are a wife beater and it places the answerer in a severe disadvantage. Arguing the assumption makes you look even worse as being unrepentant to the listening audience at no time does it enter their mind that the questioner could be the problem.

Coming back to the polls, Obama is ahead in every poll. Is this real or imagined. Do you think the polling bodies chose Democratic areas to call and seek answers? Is this an attempt at bandwagon media trying to pull more people on to the bus? Everyone wants to be a winner or on the side of the winner.
Could this be simply the result of all the name calling and stereo typing forcing people to respond this way. Every time you turn around some one is being called a racist for standing against BO. It doesn't matter what level of legitimate criticism is brought to bare. Race is the ultimate trump card or club to beat back those who oppose "The One".
Do you think the content chant for "Change" has driven people to vote for BO? It is very clear that America needs some changes to fix some of what is wrong. Does simply saying "Change" all the time, draw in more votes? I don't see anything that BO offers as "Change", moving in a direction I want to go. In fact, most of his suggested changes are going the wrong way.

When all is said and done, when election day comes, will the people vote as the polls suggest? When each of us stands alone with our ballot, no one looking over our shoulder, and no one ready to pounce on us for our opinion, will we still vote for BO? Could it be that we are giving a clear message to the populace and they are listening but too afraid to confirm our position? Perhaps only the few of us who are strong enough on the inside are making the difference.

I know a number of people who stand against this wave. I will continue to stand against BO. If he does some how make it into office, I will double my efforts to write my elected leaders and swing public opinion around.

The end game is this: It is all about power and keeping ones self in the seat of power. If the electorate turns against those who can be voted out, they will lose power. The power leaches can't afford to be cast from their throne even if they have to go against their golden boy. It will take a mighty effort to remind them who is really in charge. I hope you will be at my side as we save this nation despite itself.

TO THE UNDECIDED VOTER - I dare you to read it all the way through and come back here and comment.

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